Wedding Anxiety & Stress

Do you have the Pre-wedding Jitters? Feeling anxious or overwhelmed with all the preparations that need to take place towards the BIG day. Your thoughts are a little scattered or disorganised. Or just feeling just a little stressed and worn out.

Managing Eating & Weight

Finding that your healthy eating plan is difficult to manage at the moment. Or are you thinking of healthy weight management before your BIG day? Do you want to continue with your healthy attitude towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle despite your hectic schedule?

Hypnotherapy can help you get back on the right track, feeling confident, calmer and looking forward to your wonderful day.

Speaking & Confidence

Getting ready for that Speech, feeling a bit anxious . Hypnotherapy can take away all negative thoughts and feelings associated with public speaking. Hypnosis will help the mind to be at ease and secure when faced with an audience and your mates!!

Dancing & Composure

Hypnotherapy and your first dance go step in step or hand in hand. Maintain composure, overcome distractions and fears and gain confidence in your ability. Whether you are having difficulty overcoming certain ‘blocks’ in your lessons or just wanting a slow embrace on the dance floor, Hypnotherapy will help you access your resources to allow you to achieve these results.