Improve Your Sporting Skills

Hypnosis is a great and very beneficial way in helping improve all your sporting skills. Being more open to suggestions in hypnosis you are then able to access your inner resources & potential within your chosen sport.

Improve Your Dancing Skills

Whether your ‘Frame’ in dancing requires improvement, establish correct arm presentation, remembering your steps or managing that pre-performance anxiety, hypnosis will assist you to improve all these key areas.*(Image Courtesy J SAMYA DANCE)

Hypnotherapy can help improve self-confidence or help to effectively manage anxiety.

Address Blocks In Performance

Many athletes use hypnosis to reinforce goals they have set, improve their imagery, and learn how to manage any anxieties or address any personal issues that may be causing “blocks” in their performance.

Improve Focus and Attention

Whether you are a Dancer, Snow Skier, play Basketball, a Gymnast or a sporting referee. Improve your focus and attention to detail & set achievable goals and become the best that you can be in your chosen sporting profession. *(Image Courtesy Liza B)