Hypnosis is particularly useful in helping people change behaviours, habits and attitudes. It is one of the most powerful methods for mental, physical and emotional relaxation. Hypnosis is therefore useful for anxiety and stress control management, fears and phobias. It is also used effectively to deal with improving motivation, assertiveness and confidence building. Hypnosis can also be applied for any Pre-Op anxieties.

About Hypnotherapy

The clinical application of hypnosis is useful for a range of conditions and problems that include: Asthma, bed-wetting, hypertension, migraine, weight change, smoking cessation and anxiety. Hypnosis is used extensively for labour and childbirth, pre & post op anxiety & healing, minor surgical procedures, and pain control. Almost any condition responds to Clinical Hypnosis.

Some other interesting areas are:

  • Nail biting, panic and performance anxiety
  • Eating disorders
  • Motivational training and study problems

Our Clients Say it Best

  •  Mera created a peaceful, safe, warm and nurturing environment in which I felt fully relaxed. She guided me gently and kindly using visualisation and suggestion to break through a myriad of barriers.

    Over time and with Mera’s expert guidance, I have learned new ways of dealing with my obsessive thoughts about food and new strategies to help me when I’m feeling vulnerable or stressed.

    Thank you Mera, Helen

  • Professional, caring, understanding & successful. Well worth a visit. I Have not smoked since November 2013 & now continuing into 2016. –Thanks Mera, Melanie